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Hola, Morocha! A Black Woman’s Adventures In Buenos Aires: Culture Shock (Volume 1)

Hola, Morocha! A Black Woman’s Adventures In Buenos Aires: Culture Shock (Volume 1)

jennifer poe

Buenos Aires, Argentina—a city where black people are so few and far between that Ebony magazine once dubbed it “The Land of the Vanishing Blacks.” Yet that’s exactly where Jennifer Poe headed with a one-way ticket in 2007 at the age of twenty-two, fresh off a break up, desperate for a change from her New York City life, and thirsty for adventure in every form. Armed with a copy of Hemingway’s Moveable Feast and the contact info for the only hair stylist in a fifty-mile radius who could do black hair, Jennifer landed in BA with big plans, but zero amigas and only a cave-woman grasp of the Spanish language. As culture shock set in, Jennifer found herself dealing with the hilarious (a bidet that fought back), the absurd (the Argentine customs agency that held her fifty-pound package of black hair care products hostage) and the unexpected—like realizing her black skin and hair made her stand out in the best possible ways. Funny and insightful, Hola, Morocha! offers readers a new twist on the “stranger in a strange land” tale. Told in a funny, blunt style, this first installment in a series reads like postcards from your quirky best friend, inviting readers to experience every heartache, frustration and hilarious misstep right alongside her. Hola, Morocha! A Black Woman’s Adventures in Buenos Aires: Culture Shock is the travel-memoir fusion of Awkward Black Girl meets Me Talk Pretty One Day: honest, intelligent, and an authentic representation of empowering female solo travel.

Idioma: inglés

País: argentina / Estados Unidos

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